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Town of Highlands Highway & Sanitation

The Town of Highlands Highway Department is responsible for and maintains 20 lane miles. This department operates with a crew of a full time administrative assistant, 3 full time employees, one foreman and 3 mechanics. The Highway Department provides winter maintenance on county roads and sidewalks within the Town of Highlands. This department also engages in various types of road maintenance which consists of pothole patching, crack filling, roadside mowing, street sweeping, guide rail replacement, tree removal and brush control.

The Highway Superintendent is also responsible for the Town’s Sanitation Department. This department consists of 4 Sanitation specialists servicing 5,500 residents and 67 commercial pick-ups for trash and recycling.

In addition, the Town of Highlands Highway Superintendent is responsible for Cemetery Sales, Water Distribution, Vehicle maintenance, pond treatment, storm water management along with Parks, Buildings and grounds.

Garbage & Recycling Pickup Schedule

The Town of Highlands Garbage & Recycling pickup schedule can be downloaded for your convenience. | Link

Click here for the 2024 Sanitation Holiday Schedule

Additional Garbage Can Information

If you are going to have continuous overflow which does not fit in the Town issued receptacle, we are suggesting that you contact the Sanitation Department at 845-446-3800 to inquire about an additional can.  Cans are available for purchase at the Town Highway Garage or Town Hall in the Town Clerk's office, or they can be purchased online through our website.  Businesses are required to have a commercial dumpster account, along with any building containing 4 or more dwellings. 

Additional Garbage Can Pricing

Large Green/Garbage or Blue/Recyclable are $90.00 each.  Medium Green/Garbage or Blue/Recyclable are $65.00 each.

Purchase Garbage and Recycling Cans Online Now

Click HERE to visit The Town of Highlands Online Store for purchasing additional cans.

Town of Highlands Recycling Guide - printable version for your reference
What is E-Waste?
Dumpster Rates

Disposal Tips:
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  • Unused Medications | Link
  • Household Items Containing Mercury | Link
  • Household Hazardous Waste | Link
  • Latex & Oil Based Paints | Link
  • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL) | Link
  • Household Hazardous Waste | Link
  • Electronic Waste Ban Recycling | Link
  • Foam Ban | Link
  • Plastic Bag Ban | Link
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