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Town of Highlands Comptrollers Office

  Contact Information
Kelly Blauvelt | Email

P: (845) 446-4280 x325

Account Clerk
Deborah Graves | Email
P: (845) 446-4280 x320

Principal Payroll Clerk
Elaine LaBarre| Email
P: (845) 446-4280 x321


Comptrollers Office
254 Main Street
Highland Falls, NY 10928

Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm
Departmental Mission & Responsibilities

The Comptroller's office is the financial arm of the Supervisor's office and oversees all financial activities of the Town of Highlands and has the responsibility of safeguarding the Town's assets. 

The Town Comptroller has the following responsibilities
  • Oversee the finances of the Town's funds and districts.
  • Keep separate appropriation accounts as described by Town Law and prevent the over expenditure of such accounts.
  • Prepare the Town’s annual Operating Budget as the appointed Budget Officer.
  • Maintain accounts payable, cash management and financial reporting.
  • Prepare the Town’s Annual Financial Audit.
  • Oversee departmental budgetary compliance.
  • Oversee the Town’s computer systems and network.
  • Manage capital project financing.
  • Manage grant reimbursements.
  • Manage the activities of human resources, including payroll administration, retirement, workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance administration, disability and unemployment insurance.
  • Prepare the New York State Comptroller’s Office Annual Update Document.
  • Maintain the Town's website.

Town of Highlands Budgets

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